Product no.: APP0005-0004 (Anodised: 200 x 300mm drilled and tapped)

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Anodised aluminium heatsink 300 x 200 x 40mm, drilled and tapped for :-

  • One Mitsubishi RF power module
  • GM3SEK circuit board
  • Thermal sensor
  • Fitting to customers enclosure

Included: screws and aluminium spacer plate for the circuit board.

Not included: RF power module and circuit board (see

Suitable for 60w modules such as the RA60H1317M and M1A.

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Product no. Anodised Status Price
APP0005-0001 200 x 150mm
£39.00 *
APP0005-0002 200 x 150mm drilled and tapped
£49.00 *
APP0005-0003 200 x 300mm
£69.00 *
APP0005-0004 200 x 300mm drilled and tapped
£81.00 *
APP0005-0005 200 x 300mm, drilled and tapped
£81.00 *
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