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The Cobweb is a multiband HF aerial (20 through 10m) of compact size and is almost omnidirectional. This hardware kit comprises a mast to boom clamp, a spreader clamp plate, central 1 inch diameter tubes, insulating fittings for the spreader arms and the necessary nuts and bolts pictured.

* This is not a complete aerial. *

To complete the aerial the user will need to supply their own wires, balun transformer, box with coaxial connector and plastic or fibreglass arms. The design is available on the web pages of G3TXQ:- An extract of his article can be downloaded "product data sheet" adjacent to my price indicator.

Photos of my own construction are at

You can mount a balun box on the aluminium tube using a couple of additional 1" Stauff clamps - these can be found in the "element clamps" area of the shop.

A complete balun transformer box is available from M0PZT's Ham Goodies:-





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