2m yagis from I0JXX

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Excellent value
from on 07/11/2018
I have 4 in an eme array that have worked very well.
The swr minimum is in the centre of the band but the reflected power down at the eme end is very low. Thanks to the gold anodising they look as good as new when I tilt the tower over,
excellent quality in the build
from on 05/05/2017
had a little issue with gamma match but got excellent service from john all built on the mast in 35 mins easy to put together very stable in the wind considering its length of boom just got my highest score in ukac contest
using this antenna iam very pleased with it

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970-0004 4 elements
£99.00 *
970-0001 8 elements - 8JXX2
£155.00 *
970-0002 12 elements - 12JXX2
£225.00 *
970-0003 16 elements - 16JXX2
£279.00 *
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