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NEW ! ...... radial ring for use with HF Verticals - see "kits and HF parts"

Welcome to the home page of Aerial-Parts of Colchester. This site and business is run by an amateur radio licence holder with the callsign G4ZTR. Aerial-Parts focuses on hardware for amateur radio aerials and antennas. Ready to assemble VHF yagis from I0JXX are also stocked, covering 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm..

My experience spans more than 40 years of VHF and UHF contesting, dx-ing and dx-peditions. This experience is now being applied to a selection of engineering solutions to ham radio aerial / mast construction and installation.

Many radio amateurs are keen to experiment with home made aerials or antennas, but the kitchen table or garden shed does not provide adequate facilities. The results may be inaccurate and disappointing, or they might fall apart in the first storm. Aerial parts on this web site can help you to turn aspirations into reality for an outlay you can afford.

The antenna parts which may be purchased from my shop include a number of “regular” fittings, such as:-


  • boom to mast mounting plates, for round or square boom,
  • couplers for joining boom sections,
  • nylon tower-top mast bearings, element mounts, plastic end caps, N type protective cover,
  • aerial power combiners/splitters for 6m, 4m, 2m, 70 and 23cms,
  • bandpass filters for 23, 13 and 9cms

To use the shop, you will need pay by Paypal, or to pay cash on collection. Cheques are welcome and payment may also be made by Bank Transfer - please contact me when placing your order.

In addition to regular stock, it will be my pleasure to provide an estimate for bespoke solutions to your individual requirements. Please use the contact form for a speedy response.

For local collection, I maintain a modest aluminium stockholding of material suitable for masts, booms and elements of VHF arrays. The prices are competitive, but the carriage costs for long lengths are unavoidable.

Callers are welcome, by appointment please.

This is not a large company with limitless stock and resources, but I will try to assist if you have urgent or quantity requirements: Please accept that not all products will be in stock all the time and some are built to order.

John Lemay

Aerial-Parts of Colchester